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The MaST Center is ideally situated on a 260-foot-pier over Puget Sound at Redondo Beach, making it the ideal site for combining research and education of the Puget Sound and the local environment. Center research projects cover a range of levels from Citizen Science* to partnerships with large research institutions such as the University of Washington. Depending on available funding, the MaST Center will also help fund research programs.

If you are interested in conducting research at the MaST Center, please submit a 1-page proposal of your project to (Research submissions are open to everyone, including the community, K-12 schools, faculty and graduate level students)

Types of research that could be conducted at MaST Highline Community College MaST: Dendronotus iris, giant dendronotid

  • Behavioral ecology of Puget Sound organisms
  • Physiology of Puget Sound Organisms
  • Invasive species
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Current flow measurements
  • Comparisons of freshwater input and mixing with Puget Sound water

Current research includes