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Report distressed marine mammals


What is it?

The MaST Center Marine Mammal Stranding Team, working closely with NOAA Fisheries and Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, aims to increase response to stranded marine mammals. This team is completely run by dedicated volunteers, and oversees more than 40 miles of Puget Sound shoreline from Titlow Park in Tacoma, up to the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal in West Seattle.
These volunteers ensure thorough coverage of our territory, and further the knowledge of local community members by providing on-site assistance.

Who is on the team?

This program is entirely made up of volunteers who provide first response to marine mammals on our shores. In order to make this team available to all community members, our volunteers are able to decide their own level of commitment. They may choose preferred response sections in our team's area, what types of calls they would like to be considered for, and if they would like to be notified of or assist in additional public education opportunities.

All volunteers participate on an "as available" basis. Training is provided to all applicants. There are no age limitations to join the Marine Mammal Stranding Team.

How do you join the team?

Please see our Training Presentation to learn about marine mammal species in Puget Sound and our stranding response procedures. Volunteers are not required to have previous stranding team experience to join. All necessary training is provided by the Stranding Team Coordinator. Response supplies are provided to all new members.

Contact the Stranding Team Coordinator to join!

Additional Opportunities...

The MaST Center Stranding Team not only responds to distressed marine mammals on-site, but also provides educational opportunities to the public at our facility. Community members are able to access first hand information about the marine mammals of Puget Sound through the use of informational presentations, workshops, trainings, articulations and dissections. If you are interested in participating in one of our public outreach education programs, please contact us.

The MaST Center Stranding Team territory map:
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