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School Group Visit

We offer a variety of on site STEM programs that are linked to Next Generation Science Standards and Ocean Literacy Frameworks. Choose the program that best fits your learners for their inspiring marine science investigation at the MaST Center.

Pre-K - Crabs & Critters Toddler Time
This is an open space for toddlers and their caregivers to explore aspects of the marine environment in a developmentally appropriate way. Visitors can enjoy activities in the classroom, storytime, and aquarium touchpools. 45 minutes.

K-2 - Aquarium Detectives
In this 2 hour, hands-on investigation, K-2nd grade learners take on the role of aquarium detectives to explore the diversity of our local Puget Sound marine life. Students learn where aquarium animals come from, how to interact with live sea creatures, and what the animals need to survive. Students sort a variety of local invertebrates based on their own observations of the animals’ characteristics and then pose a scientific question that will be investigated in the MaST Center Aquarium.

3-5 - Plankton Puzzles
How do animals spread around Puget Sound? Why is the water so cloudy in the summer? What do barnacles eat? These are just a few of the questions students puzzle over as they use microscopes and plankton tows to look at what lives and grows in our Puget Sound water. Plan on 1.5 hours for this immersive experience.

6-8 - Marine Mammal Mysteries
Middle school learners become wildlife detectives in this 1.5 hour series of hands-on investigations. Analyzing necropsy reports, articulating skeletons, and finding patterns in field data are just a few of the skills students practice as they explore the issues facing our local Puget Sound marine mammals.

9-12 – Puget Sound CSI (Coastal Science Investigation)
High school students work as teams to investigate and explain the role of biodiversity in our local Puget Sound ecosystem. In a combination of individual, group and whole-class activities and discussions, students generate mathematical comparisons, use models, and apply science reasoning to link evidence for explanations of real life phenomena occurring in Puget Sound. The one hour class culminates in a mini-socratic seminar with students presenting viewpoints from diverse stakeholders on the issue.

Low tide in Puget Sound offers a rare glimpse at extraordinary marine life. From habitat like eel grass and rockweed to invertebrates like hermit crabs and snail eggs, we never know what we’ll find but it’s guaranteed to be an exciting, outdoor scavenger hunt. Come prepared for an hour of uneven walking, exposure to the elements and a wrap-up in the MaST Center aquarium. *NOTE: THIS PROGRAM IS ONLY AVAILABLE WHEN THE TIDE IS BELOW -1. PLEASE CHECK TIDES HERE BEFORE BOOKING PROGRAM*

Frequently Asked Questions

When are classes offered?
We offer programs Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. You check availability and book online using the button above.

How long are classes?
This changes based on the education program chosen. Please refer to the specific program above for typical module lengths.

Can we bring lunches to the MaST Center?
Students may eat at Redondo beach park directly across from the MaST Center before or after their scheduled program. We are happy to store lunches during class, but the classroom is a no-food zone.

What should we wear?
All programs involve some exposure to the elements, so come prepared for the weather. Closed-toed shoes that can get wet and dirty are most appropriate. Sunscreen, hats and sunglasses are recommended on sunny days.

How much does it cost?
Program fees are broken down below. Please note that we can accomodate a maximum group size of 35.
• 5-15 students: $30.00
• 16-25 students $40.00
• 26-30 students $50.00

Any other questions?
Contact our education staff

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