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Marine Science & Technology Center Stranding Team Home at Highline Community College

MaST Marine Mammal Stranding Team

The MaST Marine Mammal Stranding Team is a group of volunteers who act as first responders to reports of a stranding, providing it is safe to do so and someone is available.

The first responder takes pictures and gathers information, reporting back to the Stranding Team Dispatcher or one of the Coordinators.

This work is intended to be of assistance to NOAA Fisheries and the US Department of Fish and Wildlife Service. The data gathered through these efforts can help us determine patterns in the health of the environment in the Puget Sound.

Want to get involved or learn more about being a member of the stranding team?

Here is an example of the work they do and the level of interaction we expect from our volunteers:  
A day in the life of a MaST Marine Mammal Stranding Team Member

Ready to volunteer? 

Check out the information and training page.


Links to Our Partners:

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife         


Highline Community College Marine Science and Technology Center Fish Graphic

Hauled out seal