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Marine Science & Technology Center at Highline College

MaST D.I.V.E. Cam

Camera Status:
  • Top camera: Up
  • Middle camera: Up
  • Bottom camera: Up

Welcome to the MaST Deep Intertidal Viewing Experience Cameras. Our three DIVE Cams are mounted on the southwest corner of the MaST Center and are intended to create a dynamic and stacked image of the changing conditions in the Puget Sound. Located at three different elevations, the videos give the viewer a unique sea level perspective of Redondo and Poverty Bay. The top camera is located at a tidal height of 7ft (Mean Tidal Level) or about 5 feet below our dock and will be covered by water 50% of the time. The middle camera is located at a tidal height of 3ft (Mean Low Water) and will be underwater approximately 85% of the time, while the bottom camera is located just 1 foot off the bottom at a minus 6 foot tidal height and is always covered in water.

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